Terp Thon 2010

Yearly Total: $53,394.14
Cumulative Total: $53,394.14

  • 250 students attended
  • Over 40 student organizations involved
  • Stood for 18 hours and 56 mins (as the University was founded in 1856)
  • Held in Cole Field House, a historic UMD venue
  • 4 Miracle Children and their families were present
  • Most successful first-year program in the history of Dance Marathons (DM) nationwide!
  • Zac Johnson (Director of DM at Children’s Miracle Network) used Terp Thon as an example to challenge all other new programs to beat UMD’s first year total

Terp Thon 2011

Yearly Total: $138,629.44
Cumulative Total: $192,023.58

  • Held in Ritchie Coliseum
  • First Dance Marathon in history to reach six figures in their second year
  • Received the Miracle Maker award by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Terp Thon 2012

Yearly Total: $268,027.49
Cumulative Total: $460,051.07

  • Won the Miracle Maker award for the third year in a row
  • Won the Donor Stewardship Award, recognizing the dance marathon program’s relationship with corporate sponsors and overall sponsorship actions
  • Kicked off registration event with a carnival on the UMD mall
  • 1900 students registered on Terp Thon’s fundraising website
  • 500 fundraising letters were sent
  • Terp Thon increased internal members to 125 total
  • Terp Thon raised $268,027.49, a 93% increase from the previous year, and broke the record for both 3rd and 4th year Dance Marathons!

Terp Thon 2013

“Party with a Purpose”

Yearly Total: $306,735.45
Cumulative Total: $766,786.52

  • Held our first annual Color Run with over 750 student participants
  • Took over campus with our first ever Flash Mob, a Terp Thon tradition to this day!
  • Terp Thon broke its own 4th year fundraising record it set in 2012!

Terp Thon 2014

“One Day, One Difference”

Yearly Total: $429,012.89
Cumulative Total: $1,195,799.41

Terp Thon 2015

“Spark a Movement”

Yearly Total: $604,318.24
Cumulative Total: $1,800,117.65

Terp Thon 2016

“Dare to Dream”

Yearly Total: $728,453.16
Cumulative Total: $2,528,570.81

Terp Thon 2017

“Bigger, Bolder, Stronger”

Yearly Total: $1,001,394.26
Cumulative Total: $3,529,965.07

Terp Thon 2018

“Believe We Are More”

Yearly Total: $734,617.10
Cumulative Total: $4,264,582.17