Olivia was born in April 2004 and was admitted into Children’s National just six months later. What originally was thought to be pneumonia turned out to be a severe heart problem that would require a heart transplant. When she was two, Olivia underwent the transplant surgery after finding a match and received her new heart. Now, eleven years after her surgery, Olivia is a healthy 14 year old who dreams of becoming a cardiologist to help kids like herself. Olivia is a blast to be around and she loves singing and dancing with her friends, especially to Taylor Swift. She out-danced many of the dancers at this past Terp Thon when she showed off her moves for the whole 12 hours! She also took the stage this past March to share her Beads of Courage, a long necklace made of individual beads, each representing her bravery and strength in undergoing different procedures.