• 15 years old
  • Future masterchef
  • Soccer player
  • Damaged Esophagus and Epiglottis

Chase was 3 years old when he accidentally dipped his toothbrush into a lye-based drain cleaner, ingesting some of it. He was unable to swallow or breathe due to the damage on his epiglottis and esophagus. He spent three weeks in the Children’s National PICU until he was stable enough to undergo surgery. The scarring in his throat narrowed his airway and required him to get a tracheotomy. Luckily for Chase, his vocal cords and voice box were not damaged and the tracheotomy should be removed by adulthood. Chase is now fifteen years old and a happy and healthy teenager. Chase spent two and a half months in the  summer of 2018 getting a new esophagus! He is now able to eat and swallow, allowing him to enjoy all of his favorite foods. Chase was named D.C’s 2016 Children’s Miracle Network Champion. Children’s Miracle Network Champions serve as ambassadors to their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital; they advocate for the needs of the hospital and represent all of the children being treated at the hospital.