• 20 special pacifiers for premature and intubated infants, so they can self-comfort even when on ventilators. These pacifiers have a special notch so they fit around endotracheal tubing.
  • 8 arm slings for patients with broken arms.
  • 26 smiley face squeeze balls to teach relaxation techniques to children who are anxious about treatment.


  • 46 Metallic pinwheels used by the Child Life Department to encourage blowing and deep breathing, as well as distract patients during procedures.
  • 10 toiletry kits for families whose children are unexpectedly admitted to the hospital and they need supplies to freshen up.
  • 16 correctly sized blood pressure cuffs for newborns, infants, or toddlers.


  • 7 Meal tickets for families who can’t afford to eat in the cafeteria while they’re staying in the hospital with their child.
  • 16 packs of Uno cards to help entertain patients- Uno is the most popular game in the hospital!
  • 5 “Be the Boss of your Body” books used by the Child Life Department to help teach patients how to manage stress and pain.


  • 60 packs of markers, 120 packs of crayons, or 192 containers of glitter for our specialists to use to help children deal with their emotions through art therapy.
  • 20 packs of special micro-preemie diapers, for babies weighing as little as one pound.
  • A one-night stay in a nearby hotel for out-of-town families.


  • 40 sets of building blocks or 60 Mr. Potato Head dolls for children to play with while receiving infusions and long treatments.
  • 7 hypothermia blankets.
  • 2 specialty incubator covers to protect a premature baby’s developing eyes and brain from unwanted noise and light.


  • 4 cases of nebulizers for our patients who need inhaled medications for asthma and other similar diseases. Nebulizers help get children medicine faster and reduce the treatment time.
  • 4 Kindle Fires (with cases) for children confined to their hospital rooms to allow them to play, and read and learn about their conditions and treatments in an interactive way.
  • 60 sensory balls for infants who need developmental stimulation.


  • 4 pediatric oxygenators – devices that add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the blood – acting as a patient’s “lungs” during complex surgeries.
  • 2 packs of supplies and materials needed to repair a cleft palate for an infant.
  • 1 re-usable developmentally appropriate phototherapy blanket. Used for jaundice, these special “bili-blankets” include a soft, light-permeable cotton-covered “nest” in place of more traditional plastic covers.