Dancer Minimum

A minimum of $120.00 will grant you a formal invitation to our Dance Marathon on March 9th. This invitation includes an event t-shirt, lunch, and dinner at the event. Along with your invitation to Dance Marathon, you will also receive a Party Pack to use during Power Hour, which is the last and most exciting hour of Dance Marathon! While at Dance Marathon, we will dance and stand on our feet for 12 hours as we celebrate our fundraising efforts with our Miracle Kids, their families, and thousands of UMD students. These 12 hours represent an average nurse’s shift at Children’s National, and help us show our support for everything the hospital does For The Kids.

Miracle Maker

A minimum of $250.00 will grant you special recognition at our Dance Marathon, a Terp Thon tie headband, and incentives from the previous level. On average, at least 250 out of 323 hospital beds are filled at Children’s National every day. Your fundraising efforts will ensure that kids are given the treatment they need to return home from the hospital, like our Miracle Kid Amanda. Just after her second birthday, Amanda was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and immediately underwent treatment at Children’s National. At only two-and-a-half years old, she had her left leg amputated and replaced with a prosthesis, which she now affectionately refers to as her “J-leg.” Thanks to fundraisers like you, Amanda is now a three sport high school athlete playing field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse!

500 Club

A minimum of $500.00 will grant you dessert at our Dance Marathon, Terp Thon fanny pack and incentives for the previous levels. Your fundraising efforts provide hope for the families at Children’s National, just like the family of two of our Miracle Kids, Brooke and Caitlin. Brooke was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at the age of two. Fortunately, her sister Caitlin was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant. During Brooke’s treatment in the hospital, she and her sister were separated from one another for 51 days. Thanks to fundraisers like you, they were able to be reunited and are happy and healthy today.

Champions Club

A minimum of $750.00 will grant you breakfast at our Dance Marathon, a Terp Thon water bottle, as well as any previous incentives. Samerya was born with FSGS/Nephrotic Syndrome, which is disease of the kidneys. Despite her condition, she continually inspires us to live life to the fullest each and every day. She stole the show at Terp Thon 2018 with her dance to a Michael Jackson classic. When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse just like the ones she met at Children’s National! This year, Samerya was chosen as a Children’s Miracle Network Champion. For the next year, she will serve as the face for the millions of children treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the country! Thanks to your championship-worthy fundraising, Samerya is healthier and stronger than before.

Comma Club

A minimum of $1,000.00 will grant you an exclusive Comma Club t-shirt and incentives for the previous levels. At the age of two, our Miracle Kid Olivia received a heart transplant and has since undergone many procedures at the hospital. Olivia’s over 1,000 “Beads of Courage” are representative of the strength and bravery she had while undergoing those treatments at Children’s National. Each bead denotes the different experience she had in the hospital. Your fundraising will help kids like Olivia stay courageous and strong throughout their recovery.

Heroes of The Heart

A minimum of $1,300.00 will grant you an invitation to our Miracle Kid Zone at Dance Marathon, and incentives for the previous levels. This number signifies the 13 beds in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) at the hospital. Soon after birth, our Miracle Kid Sammy was diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot and a large ventricular septal defect in his heart. Sammy was treated at the CICU, where he had open heart surgery that repaired both of his conditions. Sammy was even nicknamed the “Rockstar” of the CICU while he was there. Thank you for being a hero for kids like Sammy, and for putting your heart into fundraising For The Kids!

Nurses Circle

A minimum of $1,895.00 will grant you an invitation to a specialized hospital tour, a special catered meal at Dance Marathon, and incentives for the previous levels. This past year, the 1,895 nurses at Children’s National received Magnet Recognition for excellence in nursing. These nurses have helped change the lives of kids like Tess and Alexander, born with cerebral palsy. Today, Tess and Alexander are healthy and happy kids who enjoy activities like playing piano and making YouTube videos. Thanks to you, Tess and Alexander can celebrate the numerous miracles their nurses have helped make.

Mega Miracle Maker

A minimum of $2,500.00 will grant you framed patient artwork, special recognition at our Dance Marathon, and incentives for the previous levels. Your fundraising efforts ensure that kids have the opportunity to grow up stronger, just like our Miracle Kid Tara. In 2013, Tara was diagnosed with grade 2 astrocytoma, a rare form of brain cancer. Doctors found three tumors in her brain that were inoperable, so she began 70 weeks of chemotherapy. Tara is continuing to receive treatment at Children’s National today. Despite the countless surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy, Tara enjoys playing softball, training her dog Caroline, and taking selfies with her friends and family! Your outstanding fundraising has helped hundreds of patients like Tara.