How Donations Help

Philanthropy funds many programs at Children’s National Health System, including…

Diabetes Care Complex

The Washington National Diabetes Care Complex at Children's National provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art care for children with diabetes. It includes outpatient treatment rooms and an education center where families participate in simulation labs, learning about nutrition, exercise, and other areas that become part of a child’s "new normal" when he or she is diagnosed with diabetes. Children’s National’s Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes program is the largest pediatric diabetes program in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing care for children and young adults from Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.

Seacrest Studios

Located in Children’s National’s main atrium, Seacrest Studios is a 920-square-foot multimedia studio that produces and broadcasts age-appropriate radio and television programming. Yet, the concept of Seacrest Studios is much more than what meets the eye: it has the ability to whisk kids away from the pain and monotony that accompanies a hospital stay. Patients can come down to Seacrest Studios or watch from their rooms, laughing during the clown show, dreaming of far off lands during the storytelling segments, flexing their mental muscles during the trivia questions, and singing and dancing during the radio hour. Seacrest Studios at Children’s National is one of 10 in pediatric hospitals across the country; they are funded by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and generous local and national supporters.

Fetal Medicine Institute

Children’s National’s Fetal Medicine Institute cares for high-risk expectant mothers and their unborn child, focusing on early intervention and advanced fetal diagnostics. The team includes 50 specialists across 19 pediatric care disciplines who are dedicated to research and providing advanced care and personalized treatment plans to every mother and child. Housed in a state-of-the-art facility that was funded by generous donors, the Fetal Medicine Institute ensures continuity of care from a diagnosis confirmation into postnatal life.

Healing Garden

Inspired by a patient whose last wish was to go outside once more, The Bunny Mellon Healing Garden Dedicated to the First Ladies of the United States is a 7,200-square-foot rooftop garden that gives patients and their families the opportunity to step away from the rigors of treatment and experience the outdoors. Careful consideration and safety precautions were taken into account when creating the Healing Garden: the sidewalks are wide enough for children in wheelchairs or with IV fluids, and plants with common allergens have been avoided, just to name a few.