University Supporters

Terp Thon’s University Supporters Program aims to build meaningful relationships with the University of Maryland campus community. By building these relationships, Terp Thon can continue to grow at unprecedented rates. For more questions or for more information about how your group can become a University Supporter, please contact Rob Neumann at commrelations@terpthon.org.

“To say the students at Terp Thon are a pleasure to work with as a University Supporter is an understatement. Not only are they a motivated and extremely talented group of students, they are also deeply invested in creating a sense of engagement and community on campus -- the core of what we value as student affairs professionals. Our partnership with them is truly mutually beneficial as Terp Thon is consistently attentive to how they can support the work we are doing at University Recreation & Wellness. We’ve helped promote Terp Thon activities that align with our focus on physical activity and wellness. In exchange, they’ve helped spread the word about events we’ve hosted that promote physical activity and living well. I know I can count on Terp Thon if I need to rally student support for something we’re doing and I greatly value our relationship with this student organization.”

– Kate Maloney, Communications Coordinator, University Recreation & Wellness

"Terp Thon is a fantastic partner. After working with them informally for several semesters, the University Libraries are proud and pleased to be a University Supporter. Terp Thon and the University Libraries have similar objectives. Both groups want students to succeed in their goals and to benefit from a supportive network. The Executive Board, especially, has been a great inspiration: their energy, commitment and organization is a model for any student group that seeks to make a difference on campus."

– Eric Bartheld, University of Maryland Libraries