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Each year, Terp Thon unites the diverse UMD campus For The Kids. The University of Maryland has over 800 active student organizations on campus. Last year with the help of these organizations, Terp Thon raised $728,453.16! Terp Thon is a great opportunity for student organizations to build relationships with one another, and strengthen our UMD community as a whole.

Congrats 2016 Top Fundraising Student Organizations!

DaCadence a Capella
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Terp Thon aims to create mutually beneficial relationships with our involved student organizations:
  • Bond with your organization while uniting under a great cause
  • Meet our Miracle Kids
  • Attend organization-specific fundraising trips
  • Gain publicity
  • Cosponsor events
  • Network with other student leaders

Student Organization Spotlight: DaCadence a Capella

DaCadence a Capella was Terp Thon 2016's top fundraising student organization, donating over $4,525 and registering 13 participants. DaCadence formed a special bond with our Miracle Kid Tess and welcomed her with open arms into their family.

“We are so happy to be a part of something greater than ourselves like Terp Thon!! It's amazing how our involvement has really brought us closer together as a family!”- Zoey Maggid

“Tess came into DaCadence's life and turned it upside down. We, as a group, wanted to do anything and everything we could to make this girl feel as amazing and special as she made us feel. I dance to make a difference in the lives of sick kids fighting harder than they should just to live and breathe each morning. I dance to leave the world a little better than I found it.” -Rebecca Mardesich

How to Create a Team:
  • Click here to register as a dancer!
  • Select "Join a Team" or "Create a Team" and then enter your team name.
  • Finish filling out the rest of the information, and then start recruiting and fundraising!

Make sure to visit our fundraising resources to help make sure all your teammates reach their goal!

Join these organizations at Terp Thon 2018 this year:

For more information about getting your student organization involved, e-mail Alex Wahl at Recruitment@TerpThon.org