12pm November 17th to 12pm November 18th, 2016
Join Terp Thon in raising $100,000 in 24 hours For The Kids and families of the 100,000 Children's National Health System patients who have been treated since Terp Thon's inception in 2010!

Donate via Venmo: @TerpThon and write "donation for [name of participant]" as message

Where Can The $ Go?
Donations collected throughout Day of Miracles will go towards numerous departments and services throughout the hospital. Examples of equipment and family services that Children's National is able to provide thanks to your donations are located below.

In February 2013, Tara was diagnosed with grade 2 astrocytoma, a rare form of brain cancer. Doctors found three tumors in her brain that were inoperable, so she began 70 weeks of chemotherapy. In January 2015, more tumors were discovered, but the risk of the operation outweighed the potential benefits. This summer, Tara tested positive for a mutation that could turn her grade 2 tumors into grade 3 tumors. After hearing the news, Tara and her parents made the brave decision to surgically remove the tumor from her frontal lobe.

We are so happy to announce that Tara has made an incredible recovery in the weeks following her procedure! Now, Tara is back to doing the things she loves like pitching for her softball team and training her dog, Caroline!
When Payton was a sophomore in high school, she fell very ill and was rushed to her local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Payton was fitted with a feeding tube that prevented her from eating food for an entire year. Doctors diagnosed her with gastroparesis, a paralyzed stomach. Payton underwent surgery to place a pacemaker generator on her stomach to deliver electrical impulses, and will require a new pacemaker every year.

Says Payton, “I learned what it means to be a sick kid and spent the majority of my teenage years in and out of the hospital. I’ve seen firsthand the amazing impact that Terp Thon funds have on children. It is because of hospitals like Children’s National that I am able to go to college and participate in Terp Thon.”
Fundraising Tips

There are some amazing incentives available for participants on Day of Miracles!

Early Bird Special

The first 15 dancers to get 3 donations (from unique donors) will win a $10 gift card of their choosing from various restaurants along Route 1 as well as other vendors!

Miracle Kid Winter Wonderland

If you raise $500 on Day of Miracles, you will be invited to an exclusive Miracle Kid Winter Wonderland party on December 4. There will be games, music, food, and most importantly Miracle Kids! This is a very unique opportunity to meet and hang out with Terp Thon’s Miracle Families!

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