Terp Thon is an organization comprised of more than 250 University of Maryland students, as well as, a twelve-hour Dance Marathon held every March. Our Dance Marathon celebrates our year-long fundraising efforts for Children's National Health System in Washington, DC. Each year, thousands of Terps come together to support the same cause!


Your fellow Terps need your help to support Children's National Health System! Dancing alongside your students and contributing to a local cause is an experience you will never forget. Together, students, faculty and staff can help make miracles For The Kids! Click here to see why other Terps get involved with Terp Thon!


We invite you to bring your families and coworkers to celebrate the inspiration kids at Children's National. If you have questions about our events or for information about getting involved, contact Terp Thon's Community Relations Chair, Rob Neumann at commrelations@terpthon.org. Interacting with Terp Thon is easy and rewarding!