Terp Thon Mailing Address:
ATTN: Kaiwei Hsu
Terp Thon
4423 Lehigh Road #892
College Park, MD 20740

Steering Directors
Executive Director
Kaiwei Hsu

Picture of Kaiwei Hsu

Email: executivedirector@terpthon.org
Year: Senior
Major: Public Health Science

External Director
‎Jane Ritt

Picture of Jane Ritt

Email: external@terpthon.org
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology

Internal Director
Rachel Norjen

Picture of Rachel Norjen

Email: internal@terpthon.org
Year: Senior
Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice & Psychology

Fiscal Director
Joe Cavalluzzo

Picture of Joe Cavalluzzo

Email: fiscaldirector@terpthon.org
Year: 5th Year Senior
Major: Finance & Accounting

Executive Board
Chair Information Contact Me
Community Relations
Kevin Bock

Picture of Kevin Bock
Email: commrelations@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science

Regarding University support, involvement of faculty and staff, and general community support. Regarding Terp Thon alumni, Dance Marathon alumni, Greek alumni and graduate student involvement. Regarding questions from other Dance Marathons about Terp Thon and its best practices.

Corporate Relations
Hannah Chi

Picture of Hannah Chi
Email: corporaterelations@terpthon.org

Year: Junior
Major: Government and Politics

Regarding sponsorship opportunities and becoming a corporate partner of Terp Thon.

Creative Development
Anastasiia Khibovska

Picture of Anastasiia Khibovska
Email: creativedevelopment@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: General Biology & Psychology

Regarding access to official Terp Thon merchandise, photos, videos and all graphics.

Dancer Relations
Erin Albrecht

Picture of Erin Albrecht
Email: dancerrelations@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: Accounting & Information Systems

Regarding the dancer experience, dancer outreach, or how to get more involved.

Melanie Babi

Picture of Melanie Babi
Email: events@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: Neurology & Physiology

Regarding all Terp Thon events, including but not limited to Color Run FTK, FTK Week and our 12-hour Dance Marathon. Regarding any inquiries, or anything new you would like to see at our events.

Family Relations
Bianca Fiore

Picture of Bianca Fiore
Email: familyrelations@terpthon.org

Year: Junior
Major: Public Health Science

Regarding our Miracle Kids and Families, as Terp Thon strives to strengthen our relationship and provide them support throughout the year. Regarding the fall event, Miracle Maker Dinner, and ensuring that our Miracle Kids have their time to shine during Terp Thon. Regarding questions about our Miracle Kids and Families or if you have any ideas of how you would like to help out.

Allison Herskovitz

Picture of Allison Herskovitz
Email: finance@terpthon.org

Year: Junior
Major: Accounting

Regarding all payments, invoices and offline transactions. Regarding the organization's inventory system and placing orders for items.

Mariah Fletcher

Picture of Mariah Fletcher
Email: fundraising@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: Neurobiology & Physiology

Regarding fundraising events such as canning and Letter Writing Campaigns, fundraising strategies and ideas.

Greek Relations
Sarah Kelly

Picture of Sarah Kelly
Email: greekrelations@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: Government and Politics

Regarding the participation and fundraising of all Greek organizations and their involvement. Regarding questions about competitions and fundraising incentives that are specific to the Greek Community.

David Hearne

Picture of David Hearne
Email: hospitality@terpthon.org

Year: Junior
Major: Applied Mathematics

Regarding fundraising restaurant nights, in-kind donations of food, or sponsorship opportunities.

Mini Marathon Relations
Michael Darok

Picture of Michael Darok
Email: minimarathons@terpthon.org

Year: Sophomore
Major: Aerospace Engineering

Regarding interest in hosting a mini Dance Marathon, Walk-a-Thon, or other celebratory event at a local elementary, middle, or high school. Regarding information and resources in managing and creating a fundraising event at your school. Regarding ways to get your school involved in a collegiate extracurricular that promotes student leadership and unity.

Hannah Gray

Picture of Hannah Gray
Email: morale@terpthon.org

Year: 5th Year Senior
Major: Community Health

Regarding the morale dance, Color Wars, flash mobs and internal development initiatives.

Courtney Bates

Picture of Courtney Bates
Email: operations@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: Marketing & Operations Management

Regarding reservations and contracts, as well as health, safety, and security at all Terp Thon events.

Public Relations
Madeline Pere

Picture of Madeline Pere
Email: publicrelations@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: Marketing & International Business

Regarding Terp Thon’s brand, campaigns, social media pages, and media outreach.

Amara Fox

Picture of Amara Fox
Email: recruitment@terpthon.org

Year: Sophomore
Major: Public Health Science

Regarding interest in getting involved with Terp Thon, either as an Internal Member in our organization, or as a dancer at our 12-hour Dance Marathon. Regarding the involvement of a student organization with Terp Thon.

Krysten Diaz-Silveira

Picture of Krysten Diaz-Silveira
Email: stewardship@terpthon.org

Year: Sophomore
Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice & English

Regarding relationships with different partners, ie. donors, corporate and hospitality sponsors. Regarding different incentives for dancers and other fundraising benefits.

Sydnee Shannon

Picture of Sydnee Shannon
Email: technology@terpthon.org

Year: Senior
Major: Mathematics

Regarding questions about our website or Donor Drive page.