The term "canning" is the word that Dance Marathoners use when we refer to canister solicitation. This is an incredibly valuable tool in your fundraising efforts when done properly. We will provide you with the canning materials, and an internal Terp Thon member will accompany you to assist as well. A total of 10 people may go canning per date listed (not including the internal members), with 5 of those at most being from one group/organization.

Some canning tips and guidelines!

  1. Know your stuff. Know what Terp Thon is and what we do. The internal members canning with you will give you a small spiel before you begin, and we will provide small strips with a Terp Thon elevator pitch as well.
  2. Wear Terp Thon gear. If you have it, flaunt it! If not, ask a friend if you may borrow a shirt. Then again, you could always buy one through us, FTK as usual!
  3. Have fun! People want to donate to fun, outgoing, and passionate people. Going along with the last tip, we actually find that people who wear costumes tend to pull in the most money #ForTheKids.
  4. Be polite. Don't overwhelm people or bug them. If they don't want to donate, they'll either make it perfectly clear or you'll just get the feeling. Either way, know which direction to take the conversation. Reply with: "Thanks for listening, check out www.TerpThon.org and like us on Facebook. Have a good day!"
  5. Please remember you are representing Terp Thon, Children's National, Children's Miracle Network Hopsitals, and the University of Maryland while canning. We are a professional organization raising money for children, so keep it appropriate!

Upcoming Canning Dates

Fall canning occurs a minimum of one hour prior to our home football games. If you are registered to can for a football game, be sure to meet out front of the Stamp Student Union fifteen minutes prior to your canning time. Here you will be given your supplies, including a can, a pitch sheet, and a brief how-to from a fundraising coach!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Sarah Kelly at fundraising@terpthon.org