Terp Thon

Miracle Madness Schedule


Hornbake Takeover

Hornbake Plaza: 11am to 3pm

Check out our giant takeover of Hornbake Plaza!

Come by to find out more about our Cause and how you can get involved
with the Bigger, Bolder movement sweeping the campus to help our Stronger Miracle Kids!

Fall in Love With FTK

Hornbake Plaza: 2pm to 4pm

Stop by to buy some incredible baked goods For The Kids!

Get rid of some of your exam stress by smashing some pumpkins or a pie in the face!


Scavenger Hunt

UMD Campus: 11am to 3pm

Check out Terp Thon's social media throughout the day to find clues about our Miracle Kids!

Be some of the first people to solve the clues and arrive at the correct location to get prizes!

Tabling and Registration Hub

Stamp and SORC: 11am to 3pm

Come learn more about Terp Thon, our Cause, and our Miracle Kids!

Take time to register either as an individual or as part of a team with some friends!



Cole Field House: 11am to 3pm

Join us to donate blood to benefit Children's National, our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital in DC.

While you are waiting, sign up for Terp Thon, learn about our Miracle Kids, and find out some of our best fundraising tips!

Stamp Tabling

Stamp: 11am to 3pm

Stop on by to see information about our Miracle Kids and get pumped for Day of Miracles in just 24 hours on Thursday!

Dancer Meeting

JMZ 0220: 7pm

Increase your involvement while checking out our best fundraising tips so you can help us raise $100,000 in just 24 hours!



Help Terp Thon raise $100,000 in 24 hours For The Kids! #OneDay100K

Day of Miracles starts at 12pm Thursday and ends 12pm Friday!

Stamp and McKeldin: 12pm to 4pm

Check out our tabling at either Stamp or McKeldin to donate to our canning efforts,
grab a flyer of information, and find out how to increase your fundraising efforts.

Xfinity: 5pm to 7pm

Come out and support Terp Thon's canning for donations before the basketball game
around Xfinity and outside the diners.


Thank You Friday

Take time to thank all of your amazing donors for supporting you and your efforts for Day of Miracles!